Oyster Bay officials announce plan to hire inspector general in step towards ethics reform


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joe Saladino announced his plan to hire an inspector general on Tuesday as a crucial part of his ethics reform plan.

The inspector general will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the town’s contracting processes, and the position will be structured as its own town department.

“The Inspector general will have the authority to examine authorities, accounts, and report their findings to the town board, as well as work closely with the board of ethics,” Saladino said.

But Saladino’s opponent Marc Herman, Democratic candidate for town supervisor, suggested the idea back in June at his own ethics reform press conference, which Saladino went to and interrupted.

In a statement, Herman said, “the fact that Saladino is just arriving now to the conclusion that there’s corruption in Oyster Bay right before a major town election, should give every hardworking taxpayer pause before deciding if he’s sincere.”

The inspector general position will be a three-year appointment and Saladino says anyone can apply for it.

On Oct. 17, the board will hold open and public hearings to consider the creation of the new department via local law.


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