Oyster Bay supervisor candidates argue in public



A planned news conference in Oyster Bay devolved into a shouting match between the town supervisor and his challenger in November’s upcoming election.

Republican incumbent Joseph Saladino squared off with Marc Herman, the Democratic candidate, as the latter was trying to deliver a news conference on his party’s push for new ethics rules outside Town Hall.

Saladino interrupted and heckled Herman throughout his speech.

“You are a liar,” the incumbent said at one point.

“Excuse me, if you’re not going to be respectful of me like I’ve been respectful of you, I’m going to ask you to leave,” Herman countered.

Major points of disagreement between the two are Herman’s calls for transparency in budgeting and contracting and anti-nepotism rules.

Their exchange got so heated that at one point, Democratic Town Board candidate James Versocki interjected with a quip of his own.

“Shouldn’t you be in Town Hall doing your job right now, instead of campaigning right now and interrupting this?” he asked.

Political analyst Michael Dawidziak says voters can expect more fireworks in this race.

“What’s not typical here is it was the incumbent who crashed the party,” Dawidziak says. “Usually, the incumbent is the one who’s getting his press conference invaded by protestors…But that’s Mr. Saladino. He’s very combative.

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