Sign My Petition Calling on [Appointed] Supervisor Saladino to STOP WASTING OUR MONEY

Dear Town of Oyster Bay Residents,

Please Sign Our Petition


We are calling on Joe Saladino, [Appointed] Supervisor of The Town of Oyster Bay, to stop using our tax dollars to fund their campaign mailers!

This week, Oyster Bay residents banded together to sue Joseph Saladino and the Town Board and DEMAND that they stop sending out political mailers on our dime!

In January, Joseph Saladino was appointed to the Town Supervisor position by the Town board, and since then has repeatedly used his office to campaign for reelection on our tax dollars.

“From the inception of defendant Saladino’s appointment and continuing up to the present, the defendants have continuously and systematically used their positions and taxpayers’ dollars to publish and distribute self-promoting campaign material,” [1]

With each Town Mailing costing upwards of $40,000, the Town has wasted hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars, for what? To help their own political campaigns, meanwhile, the Town Of Oyster Bay has continuously raised our taxesincreased our debtdestroyed our credit.
It seems like our officials are more concerned about signage and photo ops than providing essential services and improvements, and we want to change that!
Please sign and share the petition demanding the Town of Oyster Bay do their jobs and STOP wasting our money on political propaganda!

[Two of the mailers are posted below]




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